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It's not a living, it's a lifestyle.

There's no way, if you can't pay..

9 April
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氏名: わたし は ロクシ です~!
生年月日: 1980年・4月・9日
国籍: にほnーじn です。
職業: 娼婦。。。。 ね? ^_ー


Name: I'm Rokushi~!
Date of Birth: 9th of April 1980
Nationality: Japanese.
Occupation: Prostitute... y'know?

Hmm, what else is there to know? Ah, yes, I'm a lesbian. LESBIAN. So.. all you guys can keep your greasy hands off of me. If you want anything out of me, you've gotta pay me. And pay me good. I don't do "favours".

Also, I live in a nice little apartment in Osaka, with my friend Jun. He's 100% gay, so we get along just fine. I've also recently made another good friend - Sakura (yatchan). He's a darling, and a rare find when you're in a business like mine. Oh, and I'll tell you a secret, if you promise to keep it - He's head over heels in love with sexy_hyde!
^.^ They make such a cute couple.

So that's me. Drop me a line if you feel the urge ^___~

<3 Rokushi <3